Results of the First TDSA Championship

And the results are in! a Smashing performance from [PS]Driver, Proving that German precision paid off, his precise car control gave him this win. Congratulations [PS]Driver!


Current Scoring System

Due to deficiencies in giving points only to the top 5 finishers of each race, we will be using a new scoring system next race.

This will be the last race to use this scoring system.

This is the Official scoreboard for this race.

TDSA 1 Results

New Scoring System:

Note: All future championships will be scored like this:

This is how the race ended under the New scoring system:

(Not the Official Scores for this race)

TDSA 1 Results

Note:: SSR calculates the time of each stage the player finished together to find their total time, with DNF's counting as an extra +20 minutes.

Position Breakdown:

TDSA 1 Position Breakdown