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Who we are & what we do.

Hello and welcome to the Pothole Studios about us page. Here you will learn what we're about.

We started out in November 2005, playing Halo 2 on the original Xbox console. Since then we have expanded into a community of gamers that play a lot of different games, and sometimes make Machinima videos, game mods and game guides.

If you're unfamiliar with Machinima, it's basically films or short videos made with games, with recorded voices added in to make a story.

We also have a few other ideas in the works that won't be Machinima, these projects are still unnamed.

Our main Halo-based series, 'Totally Random' needs a slight bit of explanation, it's basically a comedy series that runs on a 'Totally Random' style of comedy, hell, it is so random that we started at Act 2. Basically, the 'Totally Random' style of comedy is jokes that aren't led up to, they just spontaneously happen, but also, keeping with the 'Totally Random' idea, every episode is in its own story, so the story does not continue through the episodes, as there is a new story every time.

Our other Halo-based series, 'Over the Limit' is more of a Red Vs Blue style of video, as it's the story of two armies that are fighting against each other for no real reason, they are, 'The Phoenix Army' and 'The Valkyrie Regime'. The series is more of an Action series than a comedy, but it will still have its moments.

Who are Pothole Studios?

Ben Tolley & Daniel Fitzgerald at Daniel & Allison's Wedding in Australia, 30-08-2018

Name: Ben "KeyboardKiller" Tolley

Country: United Kingdom

What I do: Web host, Voice Acting, Annoying DazzaJay and helping out if i feel like it.

About me: Well I first met DazzaJay during an argument about whether Focused Soul was cheating on XBConnect, After that we hated each other for a few weeks and then we decided to join forces and restart the studio. With the help of the 'Aus_Spyder', the scripting genius we made our first Totally Random episode 'Unreal Soda' and it just progressed from there. I'm usually waiting on Daz for him to get off his ass and fix stuff like his broken T.V. But enough about that, you'll usually find me sitting at the computer, browsing the web, drinking a coke, eating snacks and talking to DazzaJay, inventing crazy new video ideas.

Name: Daniel "DazzaJay" Fitzgerald

Country: Australia

What I do: Video editing, Cameraman, Voice Acting, Modding, Video Guides, Real World Photography & Videography.

About me: [Updated Bio coming soon]

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