Sims 4 rooms L to R: Cottage Living Room 2.0, Grey+Turquoise Bathroom, Mod+Skill 2.0, B&W Bathroom Updated.

I'm a long-time Sims player who regularly joins in on DazzaJay's livestreams. If you want to find me in the Sims 4 gallery, just look up my username MelissaKae88.

I can also been seen crashing into walls and lamp posts in Grand Theft Auto V and getting slain by various creatures in World of Warcraft. My guilty pleasure game is a good point & click, but if my phone or tablet is anywhere in close proximity, bet your boots that I'll be grinding out dailies in various mobile games.

Fixed Wireless NBN doesn't allow me to livestream, but you can check out any of my other videos here (eventually).

And don't forget to check out the Bored Gamers, where I and a few others play Board & Card Games Live!

(DazzaJay, Allimac87, MelissaKae88 & Special Guests playing card & board games LIVE!)