Clan Racewar 2

Results of the second Clan Racewar

[PS] Smashed [TCD] In a completely one sided championship.

Most of this can be explained by the extremely poor coordination and severe lack of practice on TCD's part. None of which practised, and they all turned up late.

They also chose the Infernus, even tho they were warned that that is the car that we won the last championship in, and the car we have practised most on these tracks.

The race was also delayed for over a half hour while TCD members got some very brief practice on the tracks.

[TCD]Scarface (Who made the initial challenge) said this: "They never even bothered to read the race war thread that I kept spamming them with."

Either way, we are waiting for a Rematch with TCD, but only after they have practised.

Final Standings:


183 Points


3 Points

Power Board:

Player Board:

CRW 02 Player Board

Player Times Board:

CRW 02 Player Times Board

Best Clan Racer:


[PS]Senosama - 64 Points


[TCD]JostVice - 2 Points