Clan Racewars

Challenge us to a championship!

We are looking for good racing clans to have a Clan Race championship against.

The rules are rather simple. Your Clan announces what car they want to race in (From Sports Car Class), and the date (Only Saturdays) and we will race on that date, at a time that will be decided between Your Clan and the [PS] Clan in the forums.

The list of Sports Cars that are allowed to be chosen:

Alpha - Banshee - Blista Compact - Buffalo - Bullet - Cheetah - Elegy - Euros - Flash - Hotring Racer - Infernus - Jester - Phoenix - Sultan - SuperGT - Turismo - Uranus - ZR-350

The Race tracks that will be used are Pothole Studios Originals. Designed to be our "Home" circuits, they are known as "Track One" "Track Two" and "Track Three"

There will be a total of Six races, Consisting of Five laps a race, pit lane has repairs, although to receive them you will need to "Pit in to any of the Pay N Spray garage's in the Pit lane, Collision will be off, so it really is about the Fastest Clan. The races will be held in the Pothole Studios Championship Server.

Scoring System:

Points will be awarded ONLY to people who make it to the Finish Line,

The points will be Set up like this: (Fans of F1 should recognise this system)

Clan Racewars Points System.xlsx

After all 6 races have been completed, Players points will be calculated, and each players points will go towards their clan's points. The Clan with the most points overall, Wins.

Note: In the Event of a Draw, a winner will be determined by Secondary Scoring Regulations (SSR).

The Tracks in order of play:

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track One Reverse

Track Two Reverse

Track Three Reverse

If you think your Clan is up to a challenging championship, Please, Click the Sign Up button, and it will take you to the Sign Up forum thread, where you can tell us the Car you want to race in, your clan's Tag and name, The date you want to race on. and we shall work on a time with you for the actual race!

Signups are currently disabled

If you want to Practice the Tracks they are always in the Championship server, and it is always open to public. ( mtasa:// )

Track One Screenshots:

Track Two Screenshots:

Track Three Screenshots: