Dewalk28's sAkina

Initial D Map, Created by Dewalk28. Modified by [PSGN]DazzaJay.


DazzaJay's Easy to understand Readme for Dewalk28's sAkina Mod.

(With added Options)

Step 1. Extract the Zip archive to a new folder if you haven’t already done so.

Step 2. Make a Backup of these following files, Which are found in the following directories:

1. \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models gta3.img

2. \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text american.gxt

3. \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data gta.dat

4. \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script main.scm

5. \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script script.img

Step 3. Load IMGtool 2.0 and open your gta3.img file (found in \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models\)

(We will be doing the gta3.img editing this way as apposed to the way in the original readme to avoid Potential issues)

Find and delete these files from within your gta3.img file...











Once those are deleted from your gta3.img file, add the files ONE AT A TIME to your gta3.img from the \gta3\ folder (included in the archive).

Once that is done Rebuild your gta3.img file.

Step 4. Copy HLRACE.txd (included in the archive) into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models\txd folder

and copy the gta.dat (included in the archive) into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data folder.

Step 5. Copy the entire sakina folder (included in the archive) into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\maps Folder


IF you want to be able to play NORMAL GTA San Andreas Missions, Skip to Step 7.


Step 6. Copy main.scm and script.img (included in the archive) into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\data\script folder.

and copy the american.gxt (included in the archive) into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text folder.


Step 7.

IF you skipped Step 6, Then just Load the game and either start a new game or continue one of your save files.

IF you did Step 6, then you MUST start a new game.



Big thanks to Dewalk28 for this awesome mod.

All credit to Dewalk28 for this awesome mod.


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