YTOC - Tocumwal Airport

Here's an airport from rural Australia that was involved in WWII.

Tocumwal Airport (YTOC) for Flight Simulator X.Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia (2714)
Here's an improved version of the existing Tocumwal airport in FSX.How as it been improved? Well, It's been edited to show the recent (2019) renovations, such as all the new Hangars, as well as adding in all the missing taxiways, buildings and parking areas.The town of Tocumwal was also missing, so autogen buildings have been placed where the town is.

Airport Information:
Lat/Lng: 35° 48' 32.89" S / 145° 36' 7.38" E -35.809135 / 145.60205Elevation: 372'ft / 113mMSLID / ICAO: YTOCRunways: 4Longest: 18R-36LAsphalt 1,465m / 4,805ft Time Zone: 11UTC (10DST)

Tocumwal Aerodrome played a very important part as a US base during WW2, when it was known as McIntyre Field. Whilst much of the WW2 infrastructure has disappeared a lot of the history has been collected and the museum is currently housed at the Tocumwal Bowls Club. Contact the bowls club for opening times. The museum also has a very comprehensive website

Runway 18R/36LDimensions: 1464.5 x 29.9m 4805' x 98'ftSurface: Asphalt
Runway 18RHeading: 188°THLat: 35° 48' 8.79"SLng: 145° 36' 22.77"E
Runway 36L [B]Heading: 008°THLat: 35° 48' 55.62"SLng: 145° 36' 14.18"E

Runway 09R/27LDimensions: 1207 x 29.9m 3960' x 98'ftSurface: AsphaltEdge Lights: Low intensity
Runway 09RHeading: 098°THLat: 35° 48' 36.36"SLng: 145° 35' 42.12"E
Runway 27LHeading: 278°THLat: 35° 48' 42.14"SLng: 145° 36' 29.81"E

Runway 9L/27RDimensions: 1174.8 x 50m 3854' x 164'ftSurface: Grass
Runway 9LHeading: 098°THLat: 35° 48' 33.6"S Lng: 145° 35' 46.33"E
Runway 27RHeading: 278°THLat: 35° 48' 39.22"S Lng: 145° 36' 32.64"E

Runway 18L/36RDimensions: 1190.9 x 50m 3907' x 164'ftSurface: Grass
Runway 18LHeading: 188°THLat: 35° 48' 18.96"S Lng: 145° 36' 17.28"E
Runway 36RHeading: 008°THLat: 35° 48' 56.98"S Lng: 145° 36' 10.33"E

========================================================# Installation #========================================================
Simply copy the following files from this package YTOC_ADEX_DF.bgl YTOC_ADEX_DF_CVX.bgland place them in your "FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery" folder.
Done! - Load up and play!

Need help finding your "FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery" folder?The folder may be in different locations depending on your version.
For Steam Edition you're looking for the following:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Addon Scenery\scenery
For other versions, you're probably looking for the following:C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

===================================================# Credits #===================================================
This airport was built by Daniel Fitzgerald of Pothole Studios 11-October-2019

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