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Downloads › Real Car Names

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Real Car Names
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Category Game Mods & Applications[PC] GTA San Andreas
Submitted by DazzaJay
Author's Name
Daniel "DazzaJay" Fitzgerald
Homepage www.potholestudios.com/
Version V2.2
Compatibility GTA San Andreas 1.0 onwards
Are you the original author of this file Yes
Sat Jan 03, 2009 4:25 pm

Real Car Names mod for San Andreas

DazzaJay's Real Car Names Release v2.2 [Updated 20-January-2008]
Altho this mod is complete, if you notice anything wrong with it,
please post in this thread: http://www.potholestudios.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=366.html
Backup your original american.gxt file located in \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text\
Then Copy the american.gxt included in this archive into your \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\text\ folder, Replacing the original.
Load the game and Have Fun!
Daniel "DazzaJay" Fitzgerald
If you belive that Any of these car names are Wrong,
Please Post in the Pothole Studios Forums at This Link:

Here is the list of vehicles and thier names in game.

Admiral - Mercedes Benz W123
Alpha - Dodge Stealth
Banshee - Dodge Viper
BF Injection - Volkswagen Beach Buggy
Blade - 65 Chevrolet Impala
Blista Compact - Honda CRX
Bloodring Banger - Dodge Dart Modified
Bravura - Pontiac Grand AM
Broadway - 1948 Cadillac
Buccaneer - Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Buffalo - Chevrolet Camaro
Bullet - Ford GT 40
Caddy - Golf Buggy
Cheetah - Ferrari Testarossa
Clover - Oldsmobile Cutlass
Club - Volkswagen Golf
Comet - Porsche 911 Modified ------- Because its a Hodge Podge
Elegant - Buick Roadmaster
Elegy - Nissan Skyline R32
Emperor - Infiniti Q45
Esperanto - Cadillac Eldorado
Euros - Nissan 300ZX
Feltzer - Mercedes Benz W124 300CE
Flash - Nissan Pulsar GTi-R
Fortune - Ford Thunderbird
Glendale - Dodge Dart
Greenwood - Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Hermes - 1949 Mercury
Hotknife - 1932 Ford Hotrod
Hotring Racer - Nascar
Huntley - Land Rover Range Rover
Hustler - Chevrolet Five Window Coupe
Infernus - Honda NSX
Intruder - Buick LeSabre
Jester - Toyota Supra
Landstalker - Ford Explorer
Majestic - Buick Regal Coupe
Manana - Ford Tempo
Merit - Mazda 929
Mesa - Jeep Wrangler
Nebula - Buick Century
Oceanic - 1956 Chevrolet BelAir
Perennial - 60s Chevrolet Nova Wagon
Phoenix - Pontiac Trans AM
Picador - Chevrolet El Camino
Premier - Chevrolet Caprice
Previon - Honda Prelude
Primo - Toyota Camry
Rancher - Chevrolet K5 Blazer (and the FBI one also)
Regina - Pontiac Safari
Romero - Lincoln Mark 5
Sabre - 1969 Oldsmobile 422
Savanna - 1964 Impala
Sentinel - BMW E34 Series 5
Solair - Ford Taurus Wagon
Stallion - Ford Mustang
Stafford - 1990 Bentley Eight
Stratum - Honda Accord Wagon
Stretch - Lincoln Town Car limo
Sultan - Subary Impreza
Sunrise - Nissan Maxima
Super GT - Lotus Esprit
Tahoma - Chevrolet Malibu
Tampa - Chevrolet Corvair
Taxi - Chevrolet Caprice
Tornado - 1958 Chevrolet BelAir
Turismo - Ferrari F40
Vincent - Chrysler LeBaron
Virgo - Lincoln Continental Mark V
Voodoo - 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air
Washington - Lincoln Mark VII
Willard - Dodge Dynasty
Windsor - Jaguar E Type
ZR-350 - Mazda FD RX7
Uranus - Eagle Talon
Cabbie - Checker Marathon
Cadrona - Chevrolet Cavalier
Sandking - Jeep XJ Cherokee
Bus - Greyhound MCI MC-8
Coach - Greyhound MCI MC-9
Remington - Lincoln Town Coupe
Bandito - Dune Buggy
Dune - Mercedes-Benz AK 4x4

Benson - 1979 Ford Box Truck
Bobcat - 1990 Ford Ranger
Boxville - GMC Van
Burrito - Dodge Ram Van
Camper - Volkswagen Combi Van
Hotdog - Volkswagen Hotdog Van
Journey - Chevrolet Campervan
Monster - Ford F-150 Monster Truck
Moonbeam - Chevrolet Astro
Mr Whoopie - GMC Van
Mule - Ford Box Van
News Van - Dodge Ram Van
Patriot - Hummer H1
Pony - Ford Aerostar
Rumpo - Mercedes Van
Sadler - International Pickup
Slamvan - 1971 GMC Pickup
Tow Truck - Chevrolet C-30
Utility Van - Chevrolet C-30
Walton - 1956 Chevrolet Pickup
Yankee - Ford F-650
Yosemite - Chevrolet Pickup
DFT-30 - Ford Cargo CF8000
Tanker - Ford L9000
Cement Truck - Ford L9000 Cement Mixer
Flatbed - M-939
Linerunner - Freightliner Classic XL
Packer - Western Star 4800
Road Train - Mack Superliner
Trashmaster - Ford F8000

Ambulance - Ford 350 Ambulance
Enforcer - International SWAT Van
FBI Rancher - Chevrolet K5 Blazer
FBI Truck - Armored Chevrolet K5 Blazer
Rhino - M1A1 Abrams

Nevada - DC-3
AT-400 - Boeing 737-800
Beagle - Britten Norman Islander
Andromada - C5 Galaxie
Dodo - Cessna 150
Skimmer - Cessna 150G
Shamal - Bombardier Learjet
Hydra - Harrier
Rustler - Curtiss P-40D Warhawk
CropDuster - Grumman G-164 AgCat
Stuntplane - Pitt's Special

Hunter - AH-64 Apache
Maverick - Bell 206B JetRanger II
Police Maverick - Police Bell 206B JetRanger II
News Chopper - Bell 206B Modified
Raindance - Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk
Cargobob - Sikorsky CH-53
Leviathan - Sikorsky H-3 Sea King
Seasparrow - Bell 47G Sea
Sparrow - Bell 47G

Faggio - Vespa Piaggio
Pizzaboy - Vespa Piaggio
Wayfarer - Honda Goldwing
Freeway - Harley Davidson Fatboy
Sanchez - Honda CR125
NRG-500 - Ducati 916
BF-400 - Ducati 450 Desmo
FCR-900 - Honda CBR 900
PCJ-600 - Honda CBR 600
Quadbike - Honda TRX250X
HPV1000 - Kawasaki KZ1000-P21



Changes since Beta 1.6
Glendale Now shows correct name
Jester Now shows correct name
Hustler now shows the correct name
Alpha now shows correct name
Pizzaboy now shows correct name
Caddy named "Golf Buggy"
BF Injection named "Volkswagen Beach Buggy"
Bloodring Banger named "Plymouth Fury Modified"
Sanchez named "Honda CR125"

Changes since Beta 1.7
Faggio changed from "Vespa" to "Vespa Piaggio"
Pizzaboy changed from "Vespa" to "Vespa Piaggio"
Fortune changed from "Ford Crown Victoria" to "Ford Thunderbird"
Phoenix changed from "Pontiac Trans AM Firebird" to "Pontiac Trans AM"
Skimmer changed from "Cessna Seaplane" to "Cessna 150G"
Dodo changed from "Cessna" to "Cessna 150"
Virgo changed from "1977 Ford Thunderbird" to "Lincoln Continental Mark V"
NRG-500 Named "Ducati 916"
BF-400 Named "Ducati 450 Desmo"
DFT-30 Named "Ford Cabover"
Linerunner Named "Freightliner"
Tanker Named "Ford L9000"
RoadTrain Named "Mack Truck"

Changes since Beta 1.8
Alpha changed from "Mitsubishi Eclipse" to "Dodge Stealth"
Washington changed from "Lincoln Continental" to "Lincoln Mark VII"
Sunrise changed from "Nissan Maxima" to "Pontiac Bonnieville"
Flash changed from "1990 Nissan Pulsar" to "Honda Civic"
Vincent changed from "Audi 4000" to "Chrysler LeBaron"
Uranus Named "Eagle Talon"
Cabbie Named "Checker Marathon"

Changes since Beta 1.9
Glendale changed from "Plymouth Fury" to "Dodge Dart"
Bloodring Banger changed from "Plymouth Fury" to "Dodge Dart Modified"
Oceanic changed from "Chrysler Imperial" to "1956 Chevrolet BelAir"
Tornado changed from "1958 Buick Century" to "1958 Chevrolet BelAir"
FCR-900 named Honda CBR 900
PCJ-600 Named Honda CBR 600
Quadbike Named Honda TRX250X
HPV1000 Named Kawasaki KZ1000-P21
Cadrona Named Chevrolet Cavalier
Sandking Named Jeep XJ Cherokee
Bus Named Greyhound MCI MC-8
Coach Named Greyhound MCI MC-9
Remington Named Lincoln Town Coupe
Bandito Named Dune Buggy
Dune Named Mercedes-Benz AK 4x4
Cement Truck Named Ford L9000 Cement Mixer
Flatbed Named M-939
Linerunner Named Peterbilt 379
Packer Named Peterbilt 359
Road Train Named International 9370
Trashmaster Named Ford F8000
CropDuster Named Grumman G-164 AgCat
Stuntplane Named Pitt's Special
Cargobob Named Sikorsky CH-53
Leviathan Named Sikorsky H-3 Sea King
Seasparrow Named Bell 47G Sea
Sparrow Named Bell 47G

Changes Since Release V2.0
Sunrise changed from "Pontiac Bonnieville" to "Nissan Maxima"
Flash Changed From "Honda Civic" to "Nissan Pulsar GTi-R"
Rustler Changed From "Spitfire" to "Curtiss P-40D Warhawk"
Raindance Changed From "Black Hawk Rescue Helicopter" to "Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk"

Changes Since Release V2.1
Packer changed from "Peterbilt 359" to "Western Star 4800"
Road Train changed from "International 9370" to "Mack Superliner"
Clover changed from "1969 Ford Torino" to "Oldsmobile Cutlass"
Voodoo changed from "1960 Chevrolet Bel Air" to "1959 Chevrolet Bel Air"
Linerunner changed from "Peterbilt 379" to "Freightliner Classic XL"
DFT-30 changed from "Ford Cabover" to "Ford Cargo CF8000"
Hustler changed from "1934 Ford" to "Chevrolet Five Window Coupe"
Fixed "Alpha" Brand Bodykit / spoiler names - They will no longer incorrectly say "Dodge Stealth"
Fixed "Hustler" mission name - it will no longer incorrectly be "1934 ford"

GTA worldmods Forums. - http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de/forum/thread.php?postid=161462
GTA Gaming Forums. - http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=157661
Pothole Studios Forums. - http://www.potholestudios.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=366.html
Feard Gamers Forums. - http://fearedgamers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=17513
GameFAQs - http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=924362&topic=39476777
Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas - http://www.freewebs.com/glenster1/glenstersglimpse2.htm

Without the help of these community's there would be a LOT more problems with this mod than there actually is.
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Popularity 4/5: Popular
Downloads 167
Page views 5414

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