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Welcome to Pothole Studios

Pothole Studios started out in 2005 as a Halo 2 machinima clan. Since then we have expanded into a gaming community, with our own dedicated game servers.

Any game Mod Uploads are now open! Want to send us a Game Mod that YOU have made? Then Click Here!

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Star Trek Online Guides for Android 17 Development 65% completed65% completed

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 The rapid expansion of Monkies and Chimps... with explosives.

DazzaJay Anyone who follows Pothole Studios Gaming Network on Google+ should know by now that PSGN is making a return to Android Gaming... This time without the cheater-infested game known as Ingress. (As the dicks at Niantic still refuse to ban gps spoofers/cheaters)

The first PSGN supported game is Real Racing 3!

Only games that have a multiplayer component that runs through Google Play Games will be supported by Pothole Studios. Which will make it as simple as adding other PSGN members to a "Gaming" circle on G+ in order to play together (or against!)

Pothole Studios Forum Updates are coming soon, with the addition of a place to share your profile so you can be circled, share screenshots, brag about top times, and even suggest other Android games that could be added to the PSGN collection.

Here's some screenshots Daniel Fitzgerald (DazzaJay) took within Real Racing 3, showing the graphics and multiplayer component. One of the best points of this game, is much like MTA race, in that you can race against people that are offline (race against their ghosts) in which DazzaJay raced against Allison Macartney's ghost and lost (see screenshots)!
Screenshots show ACTUAL game graphics on a Nexus7.

Game Preview Video:

Obligatory Download Link
Posted by DazzaJay on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 (13:34:48) Printer Friendly Page

 Ingress - the world is full of cheaters.

DazzaJay Pothole Studios has dropped support for the Android game - Ingress.

This is due to the large number of Cheaters (GPS Location Spoofers) in the game.
It's easy for a player to cheat in Ingress, so easy in fact a retarded child could do it.
all you need is a Rooted device, or a rooted install of Android X-86 or Bluestacks on your computer. with root access gives you the ability to spoof your location with "Mock Locations" disabled.
And that is what players have been doing.

Pothole Studios has always held a No-Bullshit, No Second Chances, instant ban policy towards cheaters. and until Niantic start taking action against cheaters in Ingress, the Pothole Studios Android Ingress Clan Subdivision is closed.

What does this mean for you?
1. You may not use the Pothole Studios clan tag in Ingress.
2. Pothole Studios will cease giving out Ingress Activation codes.
3. Pothole Studios will cease writing game guides for Ingress.

These conditions will remain in place until Niantic starts banning cheaters.

The way i see it, cheaters will only continue to become more prominent, until the legitamate player-base has left the game. in which case, if they don't start banning cheaters, then there will be no legitamate players left.

So the message to Niantic is simple: BAN THE CHEATERS or LOSE MORE LEGITIMATE PLAYERS.

It's that simple.
Posted by DazzaJay on Wednesday, September 04, 2013 (09:55:52) Printer Friendly Page

 Getting lost... in the Delta Quadrant.

DazzaJay Good News Star Trek Onliners!
I have just converted a HUGE picture into a functional Galaxy Map!

While it's not yet searchable, I hope to add a search feature sometime in the future.

I have added a link to the map on the main menu. (Over the left)
Have Fun!


Posted by DazzaJay on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 (14:12:56) Printer Friendly Page

 STO Guides App Update!

DazzaJay Version 4.1 of my Star Trek Online Guides app is out on the Play Store!
Get it while it's hot!

Also, i have added a Bugtracker to the website (Just above) where you can report bugs, and request features to be added to the app!

Posted by DazzaJay on Monday, June 17, 2013 (05:23:04) Printer Friendly Page

 Spam-Sharing is fun (but not for your friends)

DazzaJay I have implemented a couple of updates and changes, The first is the Share Buttons at the top Left.
They will share whatever page you are on to the obvious networks.

Secondly, I have added a set of share buttons to news posts.

Have fun sharing, (or spamming) your friends!

Posted by DazzaJay on Monday, March 18, 2013 (07:00:09) Printer Friendly Page

 Goodbye Wibya, Hello Google.

DazzaJay Some of you may have noticed the Wibya bar (blue bar) at the bottom of the site is gone, and there's a fancy new White bar along the bottom instead.

This new bar is called Meebo.
Now you're probably saying "what the fuck is a meebo"
The Meebo Bar is a tool that we have put on our site to make it easier for users to discover, browse, and share content on this site.

Long story short, i got sick of the limited as shit G+ support on Wibya, and went about finding a new bar, one with better G+ support, and before long i found Meebo, which was recently acquired by google.

Either way, have fun with the new G+ integration. and don't for get to give us a +1!


Here are some questions frequently asked about the bar:

Q. Did something get installed on my computer or browser?
A. No. Nothing has been installed on your computer. The Meebo bar is a feature of a site, such as a Like or Tweet button, and it will only appear on sites that use it. Since nothing has been installed, there is nothing to uninstall.

Q. Can I get rid of the bar?
A. You can hide the bar for the site you are on by clicking the hide button on the far right side.

Q. Is the bar accessing my private information or browser history?
A. The bar cannot access any of the private information in your browser or on your computer.
Posted by DazzaJay on Monday, February 18, 2013 (12:11:27) Printer Friendly Page

 Play Store? Sounds like it's full of games.


Good news everyone! i have finally put my STO Guides app onto the Play Store!

This app contains guides to annoying missions, such as "Interrogate Tran" in the mission "Cold Comfort"
The app also contains an Antisocial Dilithium Farming guide! for those of you who hate other people!
and many more fun things.

No doubt you want screenshots!
(As always, click to make bigger)

You know you want it.
Posted by DazzaJay on Sunday, January 13, 2013 (07:08:14) Printer Friendly Page

 Writers Block


Hello all, I am pleased to announce my first Android app!
And sure enough it's all about Star Trek Online!
Or, more to the point, Guides for STO!
I did however take the cheap way out and built the app on one of those "fill in the blanks and we compile your app" sites, but whatever.

This app contains:

The Cheat Sheet (Not actual cheats, but guides to missions, such as the correct answers to the math questions on Coliseum, and the correct way to Interrogate Tran)

Antisocial Dilithium Farming Guide (For everyone that wants to hit 8,000 a day, in under a few hours, without being teamed with AFKers in STF's)

Video Guides (These guides are my video guides, all by me, such as "Look less like an Iron Man Reject" and "The basics of Dilithium Mining")

Either way, have fun, and Here's your link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_dazzajay85.STO_Guides
Posted by DazzaJay on Saturday, January 05, 2013 (08:52:29) Printer Friendly Page

 We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.


Good News! Star Trek online is now...
So head on over to www.startrekonline.com get the game!
Create your character and send a message to @DazzaJay in game and you will receive a Fleet Invite to the "Icarus Factor" - The official Pothole Studios STO Fleet!

Posted by DazzaJay on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 (07:16:33) Printer Friendly Page

 Why We Shouldn't Be Stopping Piracy.

DazzaJay [original story from games.on.net]

Two months ago the Swiss Government decided against taking action on piracy, after a year-long study found that piracy had no clear impacts. Some publishers lost money. Some publishers gained money. And overall, people kept spending more on entertainment. Piracy’s net effect on the Swiss economy: nil.

Compare this to what we do know. We do know that combating piracy is expensive. It costs money to design DRM. It costs money to monitor for infringement. It costs money to prosecute offenders.

We also know that gamers suffer. DRM makes games harder to play. DRM allows publishers to discriminate against regions, driving up the price of games for Australians.

So we have a situation where the impacts of piracy aren’t known, yet real costs are imposed by the ‘solutions’. Clearly, it’s time for a rethink. Here are three alternatives... they’ll at least be less whacky than spending millions on a problem that no one understands.

Games as a service
One approach is to sell games as a service, for a monthly subscription. Examples include MMOs like Star Wars: The Old Republic, and services like Xbox Live. The main advantage of these services is they are too expensive to copy, so are largely immune to piracy.

The disadvantage, of course, is that the huge expense means the bar is high to new competitors... and it’s getting higher. It cost EA three hundred million to make The Old Republic... and people still find things to complain about. We’re not going to see many new gaming services.

Games with added value
As the Swiss found, piracy doesn’t reduce the proportion of money people spend on entertainment: it simply shifts it to items people believe give the most value. That people buy added value is older than dirt: it’s a classic marketing strategy. But to work, the added value must do two things: It must give the buyer something they value. And it must give that value at a price point that seems lower than what it’s worth.

The gaming industry struggles with both these points.

First, people don’t value cheap promotional items. I remember the days when every game came with a cool paper manual, and you didn’t have to buy a collector’s edition to get it. Now manuals are five glossy pages explaining the apparently confusing concept of WASD, and collector’s editions come with fake leather journals.

Second, too much is charged for this content. Collector’s editions range from $100 to $300. When you’re paying this much for the extras, you’re not getting any added value. You’re just buying something new.

Added value won’t completely reduce piracy, but the games industry has a long way to go. Rather than spend so much on DRM and enforcement, maybe they should take a harder look at whether charging $150 for a collector’s edition with a novelty can opener is really the best way to encourage people to buy.

Games with no DRM
Some companies are experimenting with DRM-free software. These are games without any CD keys or registration servers, so you can copy them at will. This has several advantages. First, games with no DRM cost less to make than those that have DRM. Second, gamers may be more willing to buy a game with no DRM, seeing it as added value. Third, games without DRM tend to run smoother, and with less technical problems for those gamers that buy them legitimately. This increases the appeal of these games beyond the principle of being DRM free.

But do these benefits outweigh the added vulnerability to piracy? After all, The Witcher 2 was sold without DRM, and was still pirated heavily.

Without hard numbers on piracy’s impacts, it’s hard to say. But the best argument for DRM-free games is that the few publishers who have tried it are still doing it. CD Projekt is still committed to DRM-free games despite its losses from piracy.

Stopping piracy isn’t the answer
The biggest problem with software piracy is that it’s hard to measure. This had led to hardline approaches justified solely on philosophy. Anti-piracy Legislation like SOPA is promoted on hot air. DRM is done because “piracy is theft, and theft is wrong.” Yet these approaches do have impacts on legitimate gamers—impacts that can’t be justified by philosophy alone.

The more sensible approach is to change the perspective. No one should be ‘stopping piracy’. Rather, publishers should work to make the highest profit. If they ask the right question, they may find that they earn more by making good games, giving added value to their customers, and not spending money on pointless DRM.

[original story from games.on.net]
Posted by DazzaJay on Thursday, January 12, 2012 (05:51:22) Printer Friendly Page

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